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  • Hi,

    after a long search on google, still can´t find the solution of my problem.

    somebody know how, or where i can get the right formula to set up automaticly Healthpoints, Damage , etc. of enemies in my game?

    Its a turn-base RPG, where the player attacks first, then the enemy, then again the player and so on...

    It thougt it might be something like this:

    enemy_hp_max: 30 + (round((enemy_lvl*10)/7))

    enemy_att: (1 + round(random(-1, 3))) * (round(enemy_lvl/0.50))

    it workes on lv 1 enemy, but the problem is the higher lvls of enemies, (enemy Lv 50 will kill player Lv50 with one hit!)

    Hope someone can help me with this!

    (and sorry for the grammar, mother language is german )

  • Hey Asterd, all I can suggest is that you play around with the numbers until you are satisfied. There is a lot of ways you could do it, but it really depends on how progression works in your game. How much stronger do you and your enemies get after each level etc.

    Maybe it is a bad idea using the level of the character as a modifier. Why not give the enemies a strength variable for physical attacks and an intelligence score for magic damage. That is what I have done in my template.

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  • This series of tutorials helped me out a lot. It could be what you are searching for:

    http://gamedevelopment.tutsplus.com/ser ... edev-12702

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