encouraging players to keep on retrying

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  • My computer game "socialisation" happened in the 80s, and games were hard to beat back then. I have very mixed feelings about the spoonfeeding that is common practise today, and I frown upon what I call a certain crybaby attitude of many players.

    That said.. if you want to sell games today you have to accomodate these people. In my own products I (typically, if applicable) choose a design that lets even weak players pass on to higher levels, for example with 1 star out of possible 3 per level, but to be allowed to enter a new world, or the world-boss-level, I require a certain amount of stars. By that, I keep the crybabies afloat since they can advance even if they suck, and I also create a motivation to improve your performance on passed levels, because there's a prize in sight.

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