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  • Hi. My 10 year old niece wants a simple drag and drop game where she draws clothes, shoes, etc and you drag and drop them on a drawn figure to "dress it".   In searching for how to do this for her, I found Construct 2 and downloaded the free version. Really cool!   

    I made a crude version of the game to see if I can get it to work, and I can. However, I am making each piece of clothing a new layer. With the 4 layer limit on the free version, its not a very full closet.

    Im wondering if there's another way to do this within the free version or if the really simple game I want just doesnt work well within the free version?   

    If she really get's into it, i dont mind paying, but it's too early for that.

    Thanks, Cinnacracker

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  • never mind...... they dont need to be individual layers right?.... sorry, too much photoshop background.

  • No need for layers.

    When doing an action after your condition add the action under z order "send to top".

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