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  • Hello all, I am currently making a game inside a cave and I have created some of the graphics for the background and ledges and stuff but it seems kinda dull like a cave would be. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how I can make a cave setting less dreary and overly dull.

    I would appreciate any ideas and feedback..

    Thanks a lot


  • Atmosphere could help a lot, perhaps dripping water, the odd deep rumble somewhere further down, a bit of mist, flickering lights, little creatures running round!

  • I like the idea of flickering lights and little creatures, is it possible to make flicking light sources in construct?

  • Possible? Definitely.. A lot depends on what you want to archive.

    As a simple example.. Make a torch-like light (that is bright sprite with some opacity? perhaps blend mode) at the wall and then adjust it's brightness (or opacity) during the time with some 'random' pattern. If you also animate the image of the flame at the same time. it'll be quite nice.

    Of course.. there are options to make some shadows.. and make them move (or deepen) ..

  • Since I've been to quite a few caves , the thing that sets them apart, is the ambience. Dark in some areas, slightly bright in others. Sharp shadows from the jagged edges, light bounce and coustic lights, for me that is what gives the caves their aura. Not too sure if it is efficient to use the effects to do this, worried about performance, but you could do the graphics files directly if the size if not too large.

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  • Thanks for all your suggestions, I think i will have to look into lighting effects and test to see if it will affect the performance

  • In my humble opinion, caves can be very interesting. Here, a couple ideas on top of my head:

    *Crystal formations: see these: ... 20&bih=971

    *In-cave lakes, ponds, rivers and waterfalls


    *stalagmites and stalagtites

    *echoing sounds, howling winds

    *luminescent mushrooms that glow in the dark

    *larger than normal insects

    *bones of dead animals, fossils

    *caveman paintings from a long past era

    *remains of a lost civilisation

    *cave bear!


    *holes above that cast rays of light from sun

    *holes below that glow red because of a near-surface lava lake

    *exhuming gas from such holes

    *ice formations

    *in-cave plants (which have surprisingly vivid colors like violet, orange, azure etc.)

    Also, even basic rock formations and textures can be very interesting. here, check this out: ... d-revised/

    Hope that helps <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

  • Wow oh my god that is an amazing amount of suggestions, which are of great relevance to my problem thank you for so many suggestions!

    I think from your list I have selected a few and will implement them thanks a lot!


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