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  • Hello everyone,

    There is a lot of movement in CC, and in games in general (for the main character). In my game, for now, it's 8 direction with angle oriented to mouse. It's a top view camera.

    But I was wondering what kinds of other movement there is in games with that camera ?

    Sorry for my english, I'm french. Hope I'm clear. :)

  • Not sure I understand the question (lost in translation perhaps? ;) )

    If you mean what other movements could you use in CC in a top down view, well you have Physics and Custom Movement. Also bullet if you wanted the player to control something that's always moving forward.

  • Hi,

    Sorry, I'll try again. ^^ I want more to know what kinds of movement there are in games, not only in Construct. Differents moves possible in a top view camera ! :)

    EDIT :

    For instance, there is 8 Direction movement, diablo-like movement, RTS movement. And I'd like to know others type.

    Hope I'm clear. <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Sorry, forgot about this thread as I don't pop into this forum much.

    I think you've named them all yourself ;p

    hmmm off the top of my head there's -

    Cannon Fodder (probably fits under RTS movement since you click and your soldiers go to where you click, right click was fire if I remember correctly)

    Breakout / Arkanoid (move the bat with the mouse)

    Racing games like Super Sprint on Amiga

    Turn based games like the old XCOM

    I can't think of anymore right now..

    Just search youtube for top down 2d games... should give you a variety ;)

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  • Thank you procrastinator ! Time to search now. ^^

  • Happy hunting ;)

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