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  • let's imagine we are trying to create a diabloish game. 2D RPG, hack 'n' slash.

    the perspective would be the same, and game would be for PC, but i have a question:

    is it possible with construct ? how many layers? how much vram/ram? how many people would be needed to replicate such a game in a short period (half year +) of time? (by replication i mean to copy most of the features, not whole 4 acts, just like 1 act maybe).

  • 1. Yes

    2. Thats not really pertinent. More that one? As many as you like.

    3. See #2 with a dose of "what's your platform?".

    4. Anywhere from 1 to 100. Depending of the quality. Even for AAA a well qualified person could do it.

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  • How longs a piece of string?

  • Yes, it's perfectly doable in C2, and as many layers as you need and can keep track of. If you mean for mobile, we're done discussing things, but for PC/Mac/Linux, it would need a significant team depending on how in-depth you need it or how much variety you need. One person will not get it done at a satisfactory level of quality if they aren't already multi-talented and familiar with the software, game development, and code structure. You would need a team and some really good convincing skills.

  • I agree the game concept definitely could be achieve in Construct 2 though if gameplay were to be extended to multi-player it would be a little harder to create without a lot of extra work and know-how.

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