Development Direction and Asset Hosting (Info Request)

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  • C2er's,

    I've poured face-first into my EB project lately, and as such have been up to my elbow's in asset/music creation with it. In one of my previous post's, RamPackWobble mentioned creating some asset "packs", which stuck me as a good idea for a couple of reasons. I'd like to go the Kickstarter route with my EB project when the time comes, however one major reason of kickstarter funding fails that I've been reading on, dealt with lack of advertisement. The "packs", seemed like a good idea to get a name out, may grab a small following, and if possible offer some very reasonable asset's for dev's out there, in their private/commercial projects.

    Sadly, I don't have a lot of experience with this. I've both debated the idea of a kickstarter type project for music/art asset packs. These packs would have a small funding goal, and I thought might be neat to offer them for free-to-use in both commercial/private dev projects when completed. This seemed like a good way to gain some following and get used to the kickstarter program. On the other hand, maybe it would be better to do the pack's for a small nominal fee, and host them on a appropriate asset management site. That also seemed like a good idea, and allows more users to have immediate access to them without any strings or wait time.

    Any experience or feedback related to this, would be greatly appreciated

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