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  • Hi everyone! So I've been doing live development streams of my game every Friday, and although I'm not building it in C2 I did do a vast, extensive prototype in C2 on which the game is based. This Friday I'm doing an "evolution of the prototype" dev stream where I go over states of the prototype through time and talk about how the design evolved and such. Since there's going to be a lot of Construct 2 discussed, I thought some of you might be interested in checking it out. We stream on Friday at 2pm Pacific here (if you want to know more about the project, the devlog is here, though there isn't much C2-specific stuff there).

    That said, if any of you folks regularly stream development, let me know! I love dev streams

  • Wertle Insomniac Games uses Construct 2 to prototype?

  • awmace5 I used it on this particular project, yeah. But Slow Down, Bull is quite an experiment for us, it was basically us being like "hey let's see what we can make with 4 people." I picked Construct 2 for prototyping because it's so fast and I had a lot of experience with it from jams

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  • Wertle That's awesome to hear that Construct 2 is being used professionally! After the prototype was completed, did you create your own engine?

    By the way, working at Insomniac must be wonderful.

  • It is a wonderful place to work! After the prototype we ended up going with Unity in the end for a variety of reasons (our internal engine is pretty much built to make big high-end 3D console games, really good at what it does but not anything that deviates from that)

  • Just a head's up that we're going live in about 5 minutes here:

    I'll go over the game in its current state a bit and then jump right into the C2 stuff, so stop by if you are interested!

  • It was interesting, thanks Lisa.

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