Destructible Terrain and Physics

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  • I'm not very familiar with Construct 2 just yet, but a feature of a game I would like to put together was destructible terrain. More specifically, I wanted different types of terrain that would require different tools to destroy, and then to have all of those terrain types obey gravity. For example, if the player was to destroy a wall, the floor above them might collapse partially, either damaging or trapping the player if they are not careful.

    There's a part of me that thinks this should be fairly simple to achieve, but again, I'm new to this program. I what I'm talking about possible? And if so, does anyone have any tips for me? I appreciate any help and advice in advance.

    Thanks guys.

  • This can be done easily by using the physics behaviour. Look it up in the manual. It links to two in depth tutorials.

  • Thanks a bunch! I hadn't quite gotten that far yet, since I'm still trying to nail down the basics.

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  • It seems that solved.

  • You can also do simpler versions of simulated gravity. For example, my game Cannonball Bash doesn't use physics, because I wanted it to run well on all platforms. It almost achieved that.

    The walls advance frame numbers when hit, each frame showing a little more damage and a smaller collision path.

    The walls stay in place if their collision path is touching their parent wall below. If the parent wall is destroyed, or momentarily loses contact, the room above moves down until it hits the parent again, or the ground.

    It's a little more advanced, but an option to consider.

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