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  • Hi guys!

    Sooooo I've been working on my first game for a while now, mostly on the sprites (bad workflow). Initially, I wanted to design a simple platformer, but the project soon evolved into something different. It became more story-driven with choices to make, puzzles to solve, and I realized how difficult it is to make good level design, especially considering my lack of experience in this genre. As a result, I'm wondering if there are better choices for the kind of game I'm making:

    1) side-scrolling beat-them-up: I don't think it works that well with puzzle/roleplaying, but I do have more experience with them, and I can recycle some of the artwork.

    2) turn-based RPG: to be honest, none of the gamers I know loves turn-based combat, except me.

    3) point-and-click adventure: the only reason I don't want to make this type of games is...well, there are no bosses to beat.

    What do you think? Are there any other choices? I really can't make up my mind at this moment.

  • You remind me of me.. I have a hard time leaving things simple.. as a result, I never finish anything.. (I also love turn-based anything.. I like to strategize!)

    I have folders and folders of huuuge game ideas. started on plenty. never finished any.

    A friend of mind has me working on a pretty simple card game. It looks like I'm actually gonna finish this one! Go figure..

    I'd say go back to your original idea. the simple platformer. At least for your first game. Meanwhile, you can build up your level design skills.

    Keep it simple. You can always add more meat once there's a skeleton to build on..

    best advice I've ever received: SIMPLIFY!!!

  • Thank you spacedoubt, I agree it does make things harder, being too ambitious on the first project. It may help to develop a standalone level first, and then the dialog system, items, etc., and that's what I'm trying to do now.

    What I'm uncertain is if I should build a platformer level, or something else. Does side scrolling fighting style work with the (possible) larger roleplaying puzzle project, or is point and click the safer option? I'll try improving my platformer level design a little bit. Currently they are way too casual.

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  • choose your mechanics first, ideas about story, puzzles or anything can fit into the project to fit your desired game mechanics.

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