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A very simple to set up ZElevation based depth of field system for your game. Fully commented.
  • Greetings gamers, makers and technologist,

    This is Sky from Depth VR. For those of you who are not familiar with us, we are a Virtual Reality hardware team based out of Beijing.(We have absolutely nothing to do with Oculus-Rift !). We respect what other teams have accomplished but we are bringing new ideas and designs to the VR hardware world.

    We are reaching out to you today because we built our devices with you in mind and we want get inputs / feedback from you.

    Our device is a display-attached device , an optical tracking device attached to the top of the screen . It tracks your head position, according to the relationship between your eyes and the screen, the 3D effects will be done with subtle adjustments , so you will feel like that you are looking at a Real Object instead of a flat image .

    Here is What it is looks like :And the device itself looks like this :

    The device connects to your computer via a USB cable. You can very easily make your game showing this effect by applying our SDK in your applications. We will release specific development steps in the near future on our facebook page, and it's really simple, please be on the lookout for more exciting updates from DepthVR!

    Our SDK now supports multiple 3D-Engines :

    1. Unity

    2. Ogre

    3. Opengl & Direct3D

    4. Unreal Engine (under development…)

    5. Other popular engines will be supported SOON !

    We are starting a kickstarter campaign soon and would love to hear back from you. You can get the latest info here :



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  • I'm confused, well more than usual.

  • thats makes 2 of us newt... but sounds like we can use their vr hardware so we can use it with download an sdk.

  • I found an example of proof of concept, but its probably not C2:

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    People are starting to realize it could work: ... st-person/

    I hope that people see VR as a portable TV too and that 2D games can work, otherwise it means the beginning of the end for 2D. Personally i think it gives the feeling of being inside the machine. Maybe a computer. Other possibilities could be a VR world with a handheld console in the world, that plays 2d games.

    I just did a bit of research and 1 possible way might involve the developer version of the Hololens which was just released last month. Combine that with the universal platform and it might just be possible, but it would cost a few hundred pound to find out, which I don't have.

  • Raised $56,724 on kickstarter...then stopped development.

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