The creation of FNWaC1 and ideas for FNWaC 2

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  • Now since I've been working on Five Nights With a Cow 2, I want to explain the development of the FNWaC games and talk about some ideas I have planned for FNWaC 2.

    Now in the early versions, FNWaC 1 was a lot simpler than what it has became. In the first trailer for the game, which is here: [], you might notice how low quality the game was compared to the official release. That is because the game was just some screenshots taken from Minecraft. And the game was a joke, or parody. Heck, I only played night 1 one the real FNaF. Note that had Mine-imator, the program I use for Minecraft animations, at that time but yet I didn't know I could have used it for the whole game (it was used for the terrible jumpscare, though). Also the events for this version was a mess. Originally, there were no variables for the cow and instead I used the "wait" command for the cow AI. At first the events sortof worked. Atleast for night 1. That was until I got to the 100 events mark. So the game was canceled. But then I decided to work on the game again.

    This is version 2 of FNWaC. At this time I decided to use Mine-imator for the game. What happened was every few seconds the cow will appear in the hallway. There was only a door and no cameras. I had no plan for cameras or flashlight for this version. The game worked on Night 1. But that was until Night 2 that I realized the game was kinda just a whole loop. The cow never got any more aggressive on the later nights and it was just the same thing over and over again: close the door, wait, and open the door. I never took any screenshots of this version.

    Then we have the version that we all got now. I gave the game one last chance and worked for a while. The game had cameras, a working door, and better AI! It even had phone calls that were more functional than the phone calls in the first version. This version of the game had only one reused thing from the old versions which was the 6 AM sound. The sound was made by me and my cousin, with me doing the song WITH MY MOUTH. And my cousin doing the children which said "Yay! You made it!". There was also scrapped features in this version of the game like a 6th night and a debug cheat. And that was the development of Five Nights With a Cow 1!

    Now let's talk about some ideas for FNWaC 2.

    Now first off right now the game is doing ok. I've added some sounds, got some music for it and all that good stuff. I'm thinking about redoing the office a bit. What I mean by that is retaking the images for the game and changing them on Mine-imator. This is because some problems with the office and other stuff. This means that the things you see in the trailer for the game would be "different". I also think about bringing back Golden Cow from FNWaC 1. Also if I have some extra space I might also add a few easter eggs in the game. So expect those things to be happening.

    I also have the idea to make a early demo for people who do something like win a award or something. I'll think about it later. Until then, please stand by for more news about FNWaC 2!

  • You need a blog.

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  • The forum, is for C2. This particular sub-forum is for game concepts, not development of individual games.

    This topic borders on advertising. If everyone made multiple posts for the same game as you have done, the forum would soon become spammy.

    We don't like spam.

  • Newt is right.

    Also, it is the second time users have to tell you about such topics of yours.

    DO create your own blog, you'll be able to cover all your various interests !

    Keep the usage of scirra's forums for getting feedback on

    * games you MAKE (not just think about)

    * actual game designs ideas

    * technical questions related to Construct 2 and game making.

    The rest of your interests will fit better on your personal blog to the audience you manage to cater.

    Also, please, use the pen icon in the top right of posts (Edit function) and don't post several posts in a row. Always prefer to edit.

    Finally, before posting, read other topics from the forum you want to post in and ask yourself if you are really adding something valuable to this forum and is it about the same kind of subjects as the other topics.

    Thank you for your consideration.

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