Creating a "pseudo 3D" with "prerendered" backgrounds?

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  • Hello all! I just have a quick question about the feasibility of creating "pseudo" 3D games similar to the original Resident Evil or Alone in the Dark. I'm not talking about the console or PC versions with some actual 3D graphics. I'm specifically talking about the downgraded Game Boy Color versions of these games that used pixel art and sprite scaling to imitate their big brothers. Obviously I use the term "prerendered" loosely here. ... /04/42.gif ... /2_big.gif ... /1_big.gif

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    If it is possible, can someone give me a small breakdown on how it might be achieved? Not actual code but how to approach thinking it or the logic behind it. I'm still learning Construct 2 and I've only learned to create basic 2D games.

    Here's how I'm thinking this could possibly be achieved. I'm an artist and so I could create all art for the backgrounds, character animation, etc. I guess every single background would have to have it's own sort of invisible "ground plane" that specifies what the player is allowed to walk on. This "ground plane" would also record the characters position in "3D" space so it would know when you're standing right next to a door and when you're just in the foreground overlapping a door no where near it. Depending on the layout and angle of the background and movement of the character, the character sprite would grow and shrink (along the ground plane?) producing the effect of walking through a 3D space.

    Here's another thing I'm thinking but I might be over thinking it. Essentially the game would run two versions of itself?? The visible "pseudo" 3D game and like this behind-the-scenes overhead map game that lays out and updates the players position in an overall room. For example, if a room is one large rectangle (like the dinner in RE1), I'd paint maybe 3 backgrounds that make up exploring the entire room and the position of the character on the overhead map would translate to the correct position on the painted backgrounds. Does this make sense?

    Anyway, thanks for looking at my post. Is this kind of game possible on Construct 2? If so, how might one approach creating a game like this? Any examples of it? I know I saw a game on here (in WIP or completed creations) that had actual prerendered 3D graphics and prerendered 3D character (Mortal Kombat style) but it was strictly a side scrolling brawler.

  • Shouldn't be any problem. What you need to do is break down the images (enviroment)to foreground and background, probably in several different layers. depending on if the player can move in front or behind a certain object in the scene, and rebuild it in C2.

    While the character is moving in Y axis (depth towards horizon) make sure to scale the character as he get's further away or closer to the camera, for the desired effect that he is moving in depth.

    Then you compare the Y of your character with the Y of the object. If the character Y is lower that means he is further away, so should be behind any objects with a Higher Y, so you sort the Z order accordingly. Make sure to place all the default imagepoint at the base/feet (lowest point of each object). If i have time I can make a quick example for you.

  • Here's a quick capx to show an easy way to do it. Very sloppy but i think you get the basics

  • There have been variations of pseudo-3D over the years. Here's one:

  • Hey tunepunk! Thanks so much for the break down and taking the time to create that capx! It'll be invaluable as I set up my own scene! Thanks again!

  • Here's a quick capx to show an easy way to do it. Very sloppy but i think you get the basics

    It seems that this dropbox link has expired. Do you still happen to have this capx? I could really use your example in my current experiment. Thanks for your time

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