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  • Hi, I am doing a Tower Defence and I am using the WoW Model Viewer to extract Models and Frames because this game is mostly to make a little advertisement for a server I am playing on.

    I just wondered if you think Blizzard would Attack me for using pictures of their Models for my game?

    And if I possibly could Modify them enough to get out of there.

    With Modifying I mean that i would change up colours, and add some effects like, transforming the Models into Comic styled textured with Photoshop and Gimp.

    Also, I wouldn't be allowed on the Arcade with it would I?

  • Blizzard Copyright Faq

    This may answer your question.

  • Generally you are not allowed to do this without asking, and if you ask you'll either get no response or they'll say no. However that FAQ seems to say you can use it "for home, noncommercial and personal use only... provided, however, that you must include or maintain all copyright and other notices".

    I'd still recommend you simply use original content, but if you must, at least keep a "Some content Copyright (c) 2012 Blizzard" or whatever.

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  • Yeah.. It's just that the game is for advertising for a wow server <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />..

    But it almost seems easiest to create my own sprites.

    I think I will Build the Game with their Sprites, and then use those sprites as a sort of skeleton for my own ones.

    Oh and yeah am I allowed to put the game on the Arcade (With altered sprites) if I am also putting it upon another website?

  • There's no exclusivity agreement regarding the Scirra Arcade. You can post them wherever you want.

    And as I've said before, most game companies are okay with you reusing their assets for non-profit purposes. And even in the rare case where they mind, you won't get in any legal trouble if you just honor their request and take down your game.

    But that part about advertising a server looks a bit shady. If what you are advertising is a so-called private server, then they have every reason for coming after you and if they see it, they will.

  • Yeah that makes sense.

    I'm gonna think about that :)

    I might give the game to the server, and let the game advertise for my site instead.

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