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  • Hi all. Just getting into C2 and though I'd copy an old (>30 years) favourite arcade game as a learning exercise. I want to make it true to the original (i.e. as identical as possible), again, just for the exercise. Would I face any issues with this; is it frowned upon; would I be able to post it on the WIP/completed projects sections? Thanks.

  • No. It's called creating a clone. It's fine. Good Luck with it.

  • A clone is a copy of the gameplay mechanic which is ok, but you may have problems if you go further and use the original games artwork or music etc.

  • If you use the same name, exact designs etc then in theory you could get into trouble. In reality, it depends on whether the license holders still feel the IP is worth protecting. Maybe they plan to do some kind of re-release themselves for instance.

    They may send you a cease-and-desist mail if they find out about it but there's plenty of fan remakes of antique games floating around so I don't think that happens very often. Just don't try to make money off it.

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  • Thanks for the comments. Yea I wasn't planning on profiting off it, just displaying it on this site for instance.

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