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  • I'm currently working on a Rollercoaster Tycoon type game but I'm trying to come up with a theme that would be good besides rollercoasters (obviously done before). I was going to possibly use a dinosaur park idea too but I think that also may have been done to death, not sure. Logic is coming along and it will fit any theme, just wanted to put this out there in case anyone had any ideas for unique themes or what they might like to see in a tycoon game that hasn't been done before, cheers!

  • You could go completely crazy and do an alien theme park.

  • PixelPower

    thanks for the idea, I think it might end up feeling like a theme park still though, I guess I would be replacing rides with alien rides and shops with alien shops so it would pretty much be the same thing unless I come up with some really unique gameplay ideas.

  • don't know, it may exists but Arcade game room tycoon: visitors pay to play the latests hits of the arcade games, with arcade machines, which could be minigames the player can play too when they unlock them.

    additionnal things like pinballs and 8 pools, of course sodas and toilets, added mechanic could be setting the difficulty and price of the games to balance the revenue/frustration ratio, and maintenance of the machines.

    Just an idea though.

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  • Love Aphorodite's idea! Arcades were big in the 80's and 90's too so your game could kind of be a period piece in a way, really play up the nostalgia factor! Or go modern and make it some Dave and Buster's joint!

    Another idea might be some sort of Casino Tycoon game. Similar to the arcade suggestion but with a different setting and spin.

  • The possibilities are kinda endless when it comes to tycoon games.

    I highly recommend to find something you personally like.

    Try thinking out of the box and get away from the idea of creating the next RollerCoaster or Animal Park.

    Maybe start from top to bottom

    Do you like shopping?

    • Mall
    • ....

    Do you like extreme sports?

    • Motocross
    • Quad


    Do you like Cars?


    And so on.

  • I used to love that dino park tycoon a long time ago (like in the 80s).

  • Some interesting ideas guys! Looks like they all have tycoon systems in common, I was probably looking for something that wasn't there, like a slight edge on the normal gameplay. I guess they would all be reskins of the same game so I'll stick with the generic tycoon formula.

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