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  • Firstly, before I go on please let me apologize for the possible sloppiness of this post, I'm writing it on my smart phone.

    What I'm wondering is if anyone thinks it would be a good idea or if anyone knows if it's possible to make exports for Construct 2? Because I was recently inspired to use my knowledge of programming to make a compiler which would take Construct 2 programming and recompile it as code that is natively compatible with a platform and possibly beyond that, and actually compile to a full app/game compatible with said system. I would choose which system I'd make this for (most likely working with C++, obviously), but I don't want to think about starting before I know if I can make it an applicable exporter for Construct 2.

    Many of you may not be so interested in the idea that I have because if I make it I'd probably base it on old systems that most people wouldn't play anymore (between GBA to PS generations).

    I know that compilation is possible, that's obvious enough, but not what I want as a whole. What I want to be able to do is make it so that you can include plug-ins in the game you're making within construct 2 that'd better allow you to take control of this.

    I figured this would be the best place to post about this project, but I'm willing to move it if anyone thinks I should, and if anyone has knowledge they'd like to share about the topic, it'd be greatly appreciated.

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  • See in the C2 folder under exporters. Next to the html5 folder, is where I imagine the native sdk would be, if we had one.

  • It's possible in theory, but in practice it would be hard to get it to the point where it works the same as it does in javascript and html5. Not to mention it would be hard to update it to stay on par with c2 releases.

    Now if you utilized a javascript engine like v8 or spidermonkey you can get most of the way there with most of c2's runtime running as is you just need to impliment html5 stuff like images,canvases, input, etc in c++ or something.

    I was able to do that with a couple hundred lines of Python with v8 and sfml as the input/graphics backend. It just runs an html5 export to do it. I've been meaning to covert it over to c++ to eliminate the overhead of Python. But anyway the idea is to just impliment the system specific stuff in c++ and run everything else with js.

  • Nesteris, it would be quite difficult, but it'd be interesting, and worth it in the end, I'd assume.

    R0J0hound, You're right, and I believe the same problem exist before now with a similar project. I think I might start from that, using v8 and sfml for testing, but I will also try to look for more open source projects that pertain to the same idea. It's unlikely that I'd be able to port v8 to even PSP very effectively, but I'll try, regardless.

    I haven't got the chance to actually look into the code that make up the exports yet, but this should be fun. I mean, it couldn't be any harder than doing the same thing if I were to design my own engine. The only thing that'd probably make this different is the fact that this is more interesting to a bigger collection of people than designing my own engine would be, and the fact that this would cut out the rest of the work load.

    I'll keep looking into this, and I'm particularly interested in what kind of information Ashley might be able to add to this if he wouldn't mind reviewing the topic. I want to know my limits fully, and he could probably give me the best possible answer.

    Needless to say, once I learn more and find if it's possible I'll make a working example, even if it's not the best.

  • This project amounts to either having an incompatible engine, or reimplementing a considerable portion of a browser engine. If you are still considering that, you probably don't actually understand what that entails.

  • ... Hm. Well, although you've almost completely shot me down, Ashley, I'm still going to try my hand at it to see what can be done. Thank you for your time.

    Nesteris, I would, but that'd ruin the point of making it in the first place, I would rather work off ThreeJS if I were to make my own engine.

    But, ultimately, I'm still going to try this. It may not be fully compatible, but it's worth it.

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