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  • if you develop a game with construct 2 (html 5) can it run (without any additional changes/plug-ins/etc) on mobile devices (iphone, android, etc) that support the right browser...or is there more involved to get the game to run on mobile devices? sorry if this sounds "too basic" of a question; i made the transition from game maker windows to construct 2 so i don't know all the features, pros/cons of this development tool. i'm still learning about this html 5. appreciate any help.

  • ok , construct2 has alot of pros and some cons.

    some of the cons that it can't export to apps (official) but it can export to a game on your device as html5 game with some engines like cocoonjs and mobiapp , and cocoonjs said they are going to create a cloud soon in this cloud i think you can sell your game and try it as app i'm not sure what the cloud will do but it will be the best thing cocoonjs did for construct2 ^^

    you can use your game on the browser on the phone but it will be with very low framerate.

    but remember construct2 is keep growing and get better and as ashley said we will be able to create apps as soon as they make it (its in todo list) ^^

  • thanks for taking time to replay, and again sorry for the basic questions: but the html 5 games created with construct2 can run on browsers for desktops without any additional application/tools, and can be integrated on facebook, etc but to get the same game to run on mobile devices there's an additional step necessary ("middleware" like you've mentioned cocoonjs, etc) to get them to run properly. is that correct? do you recommend cocoonjs integration for mobile devices, or do you think more people play online via facebook, etc?

  • Maybe, it is the answer you are looking for you?

  • CocoonJS is middleware, as you said, and acts as a wrapper. It takes your exported project's code and turns it into an .apk (I believe) that will be executed on android devices natively (no need to add anything more).

    To execute on iOS phone, for now you can use appMobi and its DirectCanvas, and in a (hopefully soon) future, cocoonJS will also be able to export to iOS.

    Vidi's link is also an interesting read and links to ways to use the current wrappers available.

    HTML5 is executed directly into a browser, on recent desktop computer, all goes fine, for mobiles, the current hardware and browsers are a little weak and that's why exporting/wrapping to "native" format appears as the way to go.

    All this technology is still in development and evolving with each release of browsers and middleware.

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  • thank you to everyone for their patience as i make the transition to this new platform, and for the very helpful, specific information. i think i now know what html 5 can and cannot do, and what other resources are available to bridge the gap. thanks everyone, i appreciate all your help.

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