Is Construct a good fit for my game idea?

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  • I have an idea for a game, but I have been wondering if Construct is the right engine to build it in. I am not asking for the technical "how to", but more so hearing out my game idea and advising me if Construct is the right fit.

    Here are the details:

      • A 2D Virtual World • Text-Based, In-World Chat • Characters walking around different areas; some objects are interactive, but mostly decorative.

    Here are the more complex components I am concerned about:

      • Users adding, rotating, moving, and removing 2D furniture in their own homes. • Users modifying their own appearance. • Users having an inventory system for items bought with in-game currency.

    This idea is for a remake of an educational virtual world made in flash during the early 2000's. It is finally becoming obsolete, and needs a bit of a refresh in HTML 5. It was making a lot of traction with the kids and classrooms using it, but the software was falling behind. I don't mind making some components of the game outside of Construct, and having them all use a common back-end for interconnectivity.

    The appeal of Construct is that the people working on this project have limited coding knowledge, and we would like to make a majority of this game in a user-friendly gaming engine like Construct. Therefore, we could outsource less amounts of work to finish off the more complex components of the game.

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  • I chose Construct 2 over Unity because I too was coming from Flash, 2D and fake 3D. So, I would say yes. For me it was extremely easy to switch to Construct.

    Where flash ( or whatever they call it now ) is still way ahead:

    1. Drawing, creating and animating graphics within flash ( with Construct you will have to draw in some other program, perhaps even Flash and import into Construct )

    2. It did not really depend on browsers, therefore it worked more or less the same on everything and you could make very good money with CPM Star, distribution was also easier.

    It does not seem like you are planning on using ads and distributing your game to game portals so #2 may not matter to you, pisses me off though.

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