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  • Hi Construct game devvers, Greg here, one of the moderators of our game chat group we ran from Feb 2016 on Skype cloud.

    Lately, we had members have an idea to ask more Construct developers join our group. This could be helpful for introducing Construct to many game developers who have not yet heard of it.

    So, what's it all about? Small indie dev Tigris Games is hosting a gamedev group chat on Skype.

    So far, we have 176+ members and growing each month.

    Artists, programmers, voice actors (and actresses), indie studio CEO’s are just few among the lurkers and regulars alike.

    This link opens in-cloud / Skype client: | (old link, same place)

    We also have member list in our public, editable Google+ document:

    Meet others here:

    This is for getting to know what everyone is up to, to see their game site, and current projects.

    Who is this for?

    * meet other game developers for networking

    * WIP screenshots on your current projects

    * Steam Green Light and KickStarter projects are welcome

    * promoting your Twitch channel, game demos or published work.

    * Hosted and moderated 24/7

    * all experience levels are welcome


    We're all just a bunch of friendly game devs, and quite a few regulars who like to share our gamedev work and encourage each other to make games

    Who is this for? Most of us are pretty much indies who are into following aspects of game dev:

    * C#, C++

    * Unity and UE game development

    * 3D modeling (blender, maya, zbruåsh)

    * opengl/c++ programmers

    * voice acting (actors and actresses)

    * show us your Green Light game, and we'll think about yes-voting it.

    * primarily, it's about game development, promoting and sharing your work, and experience.

    What to expect?

    * indiedev banter

    * inspire gamedevs by showing your work or be inspired by others

    * share your current creation, art, screenshots

    * meet other dedicated indies, we're all here literally making games 24/7

    * share your green light game

    * exchange marketing experience

    We hope to see you there!

  • Thanks for everyone who joined this weekend, it's been fun so far

  • Joined!

  • I have also joined few days ago. I must say Tigris created a great community which is growing insanely fast. A lot of very valuable and friendly people who share their knowledge, WIP, already released games, marketing experience and much more. Great job

  • Skype is stuck on attempting to connect to host, did something happen to the this group?

  • No, the group is still there. I think the link has changed. So just to update info:

    Skype: (removed)



    new Skype link:

  • It looks like the skype link changes automatically every day. Today is

    If anyone want's to join please contact me with PM or via Facebook so I could give you the current join link:

  • Can we find this group some other way... This daily changing URL idea is terrible.

  • Because an old Skype group join link is corrupted, the new group has started. So to everyone who wanted to join but couldn't connect, here's the new link:

  • Because an old Skype group join link is corrupted, the new group has started. So to everyone who wanted to join but couldn't connect, here's the new link:

    That one works, at least as of today.

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  • Hey. Just wanted to highlight one thing. I talked with few people who didn't want to join the group at start because they thought it's a video/audio Skype group. It is not. It's a Skype Chat group, so don't be scared, you won't have to talk .

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