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  • we were making a board game on construct 2 and we are new to the software and we were eventing for atttacking and defending in the game and we calculated the total number of events by the end of the game would reach around 40,000. is it ok and mainly can construct handle these many events ?

  • I'm not sure any project so far has reached this amount of events.

    But in theory, C2 should handle those.

    After, depending on your export platforms and your design it's another story.

    I'd be curious though to know what type of board game could require 40k events.

    Have you used functions ? They help a lot to factor some repetitive actions.

    Are you sure you also use picking and/or families efficiently ?

    Have a look at the tutorial asteroid in less than 100 events there's already a lot going on and still it fits under the limits of the free edition of C2.

    Are you sure your estimate couldn't be downsized ?

  • no..the estimate could be downsized but we dont know how to and we are thinking of using another method but as we are new to construct, we dont know how to use it properly.

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  • Then before going on with your "big project", take the time to follow some tutorials available to learn more how to use C2.

    You might also want to check the examples which are shipped with C2 and are available from the start page. (Project Examples)

    Be also sure to read the manual.

    Spend a bit of time on learning how to use it, it will save you great amount of pain later and probably will make you realize you can achieve your game in far less events than you first thought.

  • ok...thanks...i will go through some tutorials and i hope i can lower the number of events.. :)

  • If your game needs 40,000 events it is almost certainly incorrectly designed. Using over 5000 events is truly extraordinary and would be a gigantic project. Using features like families and functions you should be able to considerably reduce the event count.

  • My game has 600 events max / 5000 WOW good to know

    But game with 40,000 events will be hvery opaque Just imagine slide from up to down and find group of events... MIND BLOWING

  • I don't think a board game should have 40,000 events, but I wouldn't underestimate the event count you could rack up in one. All my board game and puzzle games have always had more lines of code that my action games.

  • thank you for all the replies...i am working on a new system so that we can minimize the total number of events with the help of functions and i wanted to ask one more thing..that we have around 100 global variables and will be adding more, so is it okay to have so many global variables or not ?

  • Adding lots of global variables is fine. Anything not mentioned in performance tips will probably not have any significant effect on your game.

  • The question is, do you need all those variables, or can you use arrays?

    I.E. are your variables all different, like:



    or are there some related variables, like:





    The first case is fine, the second is inefficient.

  • actually i started with using variables for every weapon and for each player separately but then i divided them by one for each category..but i am still not clear on arrays and specially how to use them in construct...i am looking at some tutorials and lets hope i can lower the number of variables and events..

  • I don't know what your programming background is so I won't make any assumptions there besides that you have none. Don't take that as a personal offense please. i'm just establishing a base line for my reply.

    Construct 2 creates a lot of Javascript code when your game is exported. Everything Construct does is based around the capabilities of Javascript and it does it insanely well for a visual editor. With that said, do some research into object oriented programming principles. Javascript can't do it the same way that a true OOP language would, like java, C++, or C#. You can come really close though and use a lot of the same methods and principles.

    After you do that, read the manual for Construct thoroughly. That'll give you a great idea of what capabilities you have in Construct and things will start to click. You'll see how everything fits together.

    I'm willing to bet you can massively cut events and create much cleaner code that way.

  • Remove the "%20" at the end of Whiteclaws 's link for it to work it's worth reading.

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