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  • This is a really really really really (really?) really cool way to make games. Being able to edit your code and seeing it's effects immediately would but such a killing feature; such a time saver!

  • This presentation has been thrown around - trust me, it's not as helpful as it looks. A trained programmer can make those abstractions in his head.

    As for movement and platform design, it is indeed quite cool, but I don't think the time it takes to code such a system represents a saving over the developer just manually redoing jumps and tweaking the level.

    Still, it's a great presentation, thanks for the link!

  • I have to disagree that it wouldn't be useful - I would utterly LOVE the ability to tweak events and have the game immediately update. It would be incredibly helpful when tweaking ui, coding cinema scenes and bug fixing among other things. Something like this was brought up before and iirc Ashley said it might be possible at some point to make it so hitting the preview button would update the running code, but I might be remembering that incorrectly.

    Ashley - here's a new idea. Since chromium has been shown that it can be integrated into other applications - or via something like awesomium or such - what if chromium was integrated directly into c2? Could that enable the possibility or real-time code updating and previewing directly in c2?

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  • It would be rather difficult to implement I would think.

    Imagine if you were doing a game where you had an event with a bunch of sub-events that ran in order, and then you had to change everything so that it could change or stop any one of those sub-events on some sort of input, but you had to make it so that that one minor change would not effect any of the other events.

    Also the "designing" via code is somewhat problematic, as you cant run creation loops constantly.

  • Sure you can! You'd just get a bazillion objects in the layout. It's a good point, though - I hadn't thought about unfinished events and such which could cause unintended behavior in the running game because the code wasn't finished. I guess having an 'update the currently previewing game' button/feature is better than real time.

  • IIRC, Ashley already mentioned something along those lines in the past, so I believe a "update current preview" is already somewhere on the todo list.

    I wouldn't expect it "quickly" though, because I believe it represents quite some coding and maybe even rewriting major parts of the insides of C2.

  • I may sound ignorant, But how do you get to the HTML5 editor inside the Construct 2 Interface? I can export the files and open them in an editor (Notepad++ or Visual studio 2012), but I was hoping to look at specific instances while in construct2 or just to add some html 5 that I wrote.

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