CocoonsJS Launcher loading crash

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  • Hi I have a problem with Cocoonjs launcher. Im using Samsung Galaxy ACE II (Android 2.2) and Samsung Galaxy S3 (android 4.2). I have personal license of C2 (r126) and win 7 64bit.

    When I export some project which is smaller than 1mb, there is no problem to launch it on both devices. FPS is excelent (50-60 all time). But the problem is when I export project, which is larger than 1mb on the Galaxy ACE device (Samsung Galaxy S3 work fine here). Error is during the loading screen. Launcher crash between 50-60% of loading with no error message. I dont know where is the problem. There is one plugin in my project (MoveTo plugin - but it works fine in small project - smaller than 1MB), there is no sounds in my project.

    Any advice to this please?

    Sorry for my english.

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  • It would be best to contact Ludei about the issue.

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