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  • If you developing a clone, is it legal to publish it on any app-store for free?

  • Depends mostly on how exactly it is a clone. If you took assets you do not have rights for, it might be illegal. If all you did was take mechanics then there is nothing wrong with uploading it.

  • What if I re-creating all the textures and assets myself?

  • I guess it is still ok? That one might be in a legal greyzone, I believe you would at least have to give credits for inspiration. Keep in mind what I am telling you is not real legal advice as I am not a lawyer.

  • if you do a "clone" or "copy" its legal, if you make a "clone or a "copy" with the original code+sources, and you just changes the graphics, THEN it's illegal.

  • Yes, I mean a full redevelopement of textures and assets ++ from scratch, not copy/paste or edit. I would guess its legal then

  • There's thousands of clones of bejewelled in the app stores so I assume you are good to go. There was discussion here recently where someone said you cannot copyright a game IDEA, just assets, names, etc.

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  • I don't think you can have a patent on game mechanics.

    For example:

    Games Workshop will sue you into oblivion if you use their character images and names.

    But if you made an online version of Mordheim with exactly the same rules and rosters, but renamed to 'Lost City' with different characters (even with the same stats), your own original art etc. then you're 100% in the clear.

    Copyrights and patents are a funny thing sometimes.

    The real question is: do you think it's ethical to do that.

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