Will changing Blank Animation in Gameplay improve performanc

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  • Will changing Blank Animation in Game play while not on screen improve performance?

    I have AI Enemy Characters patrolling in different parts of the layout and when not on screen, it is kind of a waste for them to use up memory while the character is not scrolling in that location. Will changing the animations of the sprites to blank while not on screen improve performance? and disabling their collisions and behavior and patrolling improve performance while not on screen?

    Thanks to anyone that replies.

    Hope Ashley replies too for verification.

  • Putting an "is on screen" check above the collisions and patrolling could help, if done right.

    I wouldn't bother with blank sprites though. Don't worry about that. Unless your image memory use is getting to the point of extremes, there's no point in trying things that may even make performance worse if not done correctly.

    As always, organize everything into "groups" and use the debugger to see if it's actually helping performance. That's what the "profile" tab is for. It shows how much CPU resources something is using.

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  • Okay Thanks a lot. I'll try checking the Profile Tab in the Debugger if it improves performance.

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