I cannot design levels.

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  • I cannot design levels.

    I always try to avoid designing levels to work on other functions, and the reason why is because it will take me 1 week, just to design 1 level. Designing levels at this rate would take months! Which is absolutely unacceptable 😡! I need a new approach to level design.

  • You should give some information about your game, post screenshots of your levels.

  • I feel ya buddy, I'd much rather work on making tools for a more talented level designer to use. I guess this is why the big companies have it as a completely separate job!

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  • Well, here's the 2nd level, which is just as terrible as the 1st level.

    You bounce off an enemy to get onto a ledge, ???, then you jump on a flying enemy in order to clear a gap, then you jump on a flying enemy again and descend to a lower part of the level.

    Currently, there's a strict limitation that only allows one of these enemies on screen at a time.

  • Working out and finalizing your game mechanics first before making levels is definitely a viable workflow. Once you have your core game down, you'll be able to focus on creating levels and it will go quickly.

    But making games does indeed take time...

  • make a few levels, and post it to a website or on itch and have people get back to you.

    try to ramp up the difficulty or rather the complexity. make the first one REALLY simple, then go from there. Try to break it down in small steps.

    I'd be glad to play it and give you feedback.

    I think the art is great!

  • One method of making levels is building a number of scenes, and then combining a few scenes to make one level. For example, you can create 10 small scenes. Then pick 3-4 scenes (manually in editor or randomly in runtime), attach them to each other and you got yourself a level. You can make hundreds of unique levels easily this way. Here is a demo.

  • Thanks for your feedback on the art. 👍

  • I have only ever once tried to build a level based game. I hated it. Since then, I have never even played with the idea of creating a level based game. It's just not my style. Too much work for too little payout. I always look for game ideas that are infinitely scrolling or puzzles that can generate themselves.

  • Everyone else gave tips on designing levels in this topic, but suddenly, you mentioned that you won't design levels. That's not what this topic is about.

    And this topic was already closed anyways.

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