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Background Story generation templates. See the Arcade demo.
  • Are we allowed to edit and publish the templates (Platformer, Top-down shooter etc) with full rights?

    Also, I wanted to try uploading a game to my site / Kongregate but neither worked, the exported Konregate project shows blackscreen, any ideas how I could fix this?


    Got it working on my site, no idea what to do about Kongregate though. Am I uploading it wrong? Should I just upload the index.html of the project and that's it?

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  • nothyn I think that you are allowed if you have the full version, Im not sure about the free version i only had it for a few hours before i bought this gem of an engine. Hope you find a resolve.

  • Yeah, I've had it for 1 day and I'm already thinking of buying the license, haha. Will most likely do within a few days.

  • nothyn lol yes! Also welcome to the C2 community! Buying this engine will be a great step in the right direction if you want to make games.

    IMHO i think Scirra has mastered the art of visual coding when it comes to the logic , No engine offers this kind of usability with this much horsepower behind it.

    The templates are all made to help you learn the logic behind C2 so as long as you are using different sprites/art you should be just fine when it comes to using them for profit.

    Its nice to talk to ya, good luck with your project!!

  • I bought C2 on a gut feeling hours after testing the free version, two years ago and I have no remorse what so ever! Welcome to the C2 community!

  • might be related to the OP question, even though it was kind of biaised I woukd think.

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