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  • Hey there

    Earlier I discovered a simple method to use just chrome for multiplayer testing.

    Before I could only use a chrome browser combined with a firefox to test webtrtc locally.

    Firefox is very laggy with some events, and sometimes a bit of a pain to work with but needed.

    Webkit keeps giving me issues as it thinks its talking to itself partially.

    Earlier I found the shortcut combination in Chrome CTRL + SHIFT + N , which opens a incognito window, using its own cookies etc.

    If you have your construct 2 preview started with your regular chrome, hit CTRL + SHIFT + N, and a new chrome opens.

    Type the addres you use for preview: ie localhost:50000 and voila, you can multi player with just chrome(s)

  • Wow, that's a great tip! it's a way to test turn based game but if it's real time shooting game, it will be bit complicated to test them on same browser. though this tip helpful for the most.

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  • Thanks for that great tip man! Very cooL!

  • For me it's usually been sufficient just to open a new tab (Ctrl+T) and then tear it off (click and drag it away from the window). Having multiple monitors makes it way easier too.

  • Multiple screens on my MAC, iPads 1,2 & 3, iPhone, android phone, Nexus 10, windows laptop...

    They should call me Doctor Octopus when I'm testing...

    Oh wait, I think that name is already taken...

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