Breakout-style game enhancements

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  • On September 28th later, my minimal breakout-style game: Brick Breaker X will celebrate it's first birthday/anniversary

    Can someone give ideas, what improvements are most flattering for a Breakout-style game? Something like in Gameloft's Block Breaker series or Atari's Break Out for PlayStation?

  • Make it more action-packed, faster and visually appealing!

  • alvarop - Action-packed? Like fighting bosses using the ball in boss levels? Nice!

  • Tetriser : put tweening everywhere. EVERYWHERE! Breaking blocks with particles that bounce on the walls, appearing animations, flash the ball when it hits something, move and break the walls when the ball hits them... with some electro/Drum'n bass music! I've started a tut/example capx just for that, but in the meantime you can check

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    (using breakout as an example).
  • I just made the character concept for the game <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">:

    DeviantArt: ... -474076398

  • Now I need some ideas for the powerups.

    Who knows?

  • bump

  • Naji - Do you interested with breakout-style games? If you do, do you have an idea for a cool powerup?

  • I'm a fan of the old fashioned style power-ups, like multiball and such, but it might be really cool to experiment with lighting for effects. It has the possibility to make some pretty interesting eye candy.

  • mepis - Thanks for the powerups idea, now I need to make a level/stage selection layout.

    What type of stage selection do you like, an interactive map or a grid menu?

  • I prefer the grid style though I would A-B test that with various people. I know a lot of folks that prefer an interactive map as well. To me, an interactive map is better suited for more story driven games or a game with a clear purpose of direction. In most brick breaker style of games, the primary function is to break all the breaks and achieve the highest score. It feels less story driven to me.

    On another note, what does Salam Aidilfitri mean? I noticed it in your signature and I was curious.

  • mepis - Maybe I can use a grid-style menu too.

    And about the "Salam Aidilfitri" in my signature, it's about the Eid al-Fitr celebration for Muslims.

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  • A grid menu might give the game some unity but it would be hard to fit the words for the menu inside each square. What's the theme for your brick breaker game?

    Thanks for that link! I love reading about other cultures and your signature got me curious.

  • mepis - A futuristic cartoon theme.

    How about the boss levels? I saw that some breakout games like Gameloft Block Breaker and WildTangent Blasterball have a boss in each end of every worlds.

    What type of a boss that is fit with breakout games?

  • 2 more stages to be make in the first world, the eighth stage and the boss stage.

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