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  • My idea is having a soul society, where you go in as a noob spirit, starting in the slums, as you improve you rank up, if you are a good rank, you can go to the city, later join a house, later a squad, becoming a captain eventually.

    So far I've got an ok city, with a couple of missions. The point being each mission scores you points in a certain field, ie str, range, defence

    The jobs are optional, and abundant (repeating things like fending off bandits/tricking them/ stealing from them) or collecting goods for shop keeps.

    Eventually, when you join a squad, you can pay down your boring knife/sword/ bow (scrub weapons) and get your hands on a zanpukto!

    Now, the problem is I need a ton of ideas for difforent skills for shi-kai !

    And some way/grid /chart, to allign the skills.

    By this I'm open to suggestions.

    I was trying to use 4 selection boxes.

    1 for type, like att def hadou

    1 for skill, like ranged, explosion, shatter

    1 for effect, like poison, disorientate, burn, trail, lock on

    And 1 for ..Ok Can't find my book.. but it's not a full idea. Ideally, it have 4 home made skills, and depending on how you play, you get difforent types added to the list for you to mess around with.

    For example, getsuga would be 1att 2range 3explosion, 4continues/charge

    (High in damage, long-range leaves explosions as it travels, and need to charge (more power)

    Also senbonzakura would be 1deff 2shield 3split 4lock on

    (Its a shield that circles you, and breaks apart to form more, it locks on when in range)

    Rukias sword, would be attack range lock on and charge..

    You get the picture, i wrote this out and made a trial so sorry I'm writting poorly.

    Id love to know what people think of this idea, any new ideas, and story ideas.

    The town is working, the talking system is ok. Weapons are a bit Zelda style and obviously incomplete. And a lack of graphics ouside of circles path finding around randomly

    The buildings are with layers, higher the layer, the more opacity. Hoping for some upstairs rooms in houses.

    I have a few other projects, but if this receives good response, maybe we can make something tidy

  • You definitely have some great ideas there and I'd love to see some in practice but you need to bear in mind one imporant thing... Bleach is copyright protected and you may run it some serious legal issues when trying to release this.

  • I am a huge bleach fanboy, so I would love to see this as a thing. But copyright would definitely be an issue.

    On a side note, my favorite thing about the Bleach zanpakutos is the amount of variety between their abilities. You have the 1000 blades of Byakuya, and you have Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshou (I had to look all of those words up on Google to make sure I was spelling it right). So I would really like to see highly customizable zanpakuto abilities.

  • I figure it would be copy righted. The plan was to make it, with a different feel, swords having abilities is common in any sword game. the main char wouldn't be ichigo either, set in a different time zone with unique captains. perhaps less squads (mostly because its easier) if anyone asks its: life after death : feudal japan

    I would love this as a bleach game, I'd hope the idea would take off, Zelda style with skills not items.

    Thanks for the positive comments. I'll edit the map so It resemble seritai less(on phone sorry I'm not spell checking)

    Hopefully ill have a free demo up soon! So far 6 missions, so not even got into the zanpaktou, got some hadou... Guess I could call it magic...:'(

  • So the idea here is a hack and slash fighting game inspired by Bleach. I like where this is going

  • Ok I see where this is going. You've gotten me VERY interested now.

    Just for future reference, do you intend to develop it on your own or are you planning to assemble a team or do some collaboration?

  • you could try combining the strawhat samurai fighting style with it, its basically 1vs1 combat but more intuitive hope you make it trough.

    as long as you make your own graphics and you dont really follow the exact graphics of the original, but make it so they look the same but they are not, you dont have to worry about the license, however, i seen lots of bleach games types using the original graphics, that can only mean one thing, that is the bleach creators, are giving away cheap licenses, or atleast affordable till you get big enough and you can pay it in full.

  • I made a basic version. Basic missions to upgrade set skills and aquire weapons (so Quincy can be used).

    A map. Some enemies..... I was going for a bandits attack early game with progression to helping them later for stealth skills.

    Points needed to progress in a set class. Access to the town. And implimemting of the skills are yet to be done

    Basicly learning new layout transferring/teleporting for houses slowed me down....

    Anyhow. Left Turkey had to work in UK again. Now I'm in Turkey again and I've been making an ant game, I'm back! in the c2 world!

    Thank you everyone for support. I have so many ideas to work on.

    I'll release a beta at some point. If anyone wants to help with graphics or skill ideas I'd credit!

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  • bear in mind I lost 4 hours of map work, this is an updated game from the last. it has no hud, tutorial, or story.

    I will upload the previous as well.

    new one has space to attack and skill on "1" (only in the first house) with a "rat"

  • just for reference. I want a jumping scheme involved. I made one, but enemy hitboxes were difficult for other layers.... I gave up. I will implement r0j0's like I said soon.

    I get 3 months for this a year, would appreciate feed back/ advice/ enemy ideas/ skill ideas

    I do have a skill map made, but its not complete. updates later

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  • looking at it.... after the power cut, literally ALL the maps didn't save. :0

    the assets for grass are there, so you can probably see where I was going with grass and stone graphics. I also have houses trees fences walls buildings ect .... a lot of free art to be used,

    if anyone has good tile maps to share please do!!!!

    disclaimer. I can only pay money if this game can be sold. this may take a year however.

    note. sprite work and tilesets can be paid for depending on quality (its a respect system, if you work I can pay)

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