the best resolution for a PC game and tablet

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  • Hello everybody, okay?

    I'm thinking of creating a gaming site, but I have a doubt I believe the common good. I searched here in the forum and found several answers, and looked at other sites, as Nitrome, which is my favorite, but I'm still having doubts.

    Well, is this, I want to know what the best resolution for a game that can be played on PC, but can also be played on a tablet.

    I'm thinking of creating games with 800x500 resolution, what do you think? If you have a website for example, would be ideal.

    I found many answers, many different resolutions such as 1000x600, 320x240, and I'm having doubts.

    Hugs guys, and thank you =)

  • The best for you to answer this question is to read this tutorial about supporting multiple screen sizes.

  • Although scalability is nice, sometimes you want the same size for all platforms, just in terms of usability. With websites for examples, you always stay within a certain width but height is determined by content.

    W3 Schools has some really useful stats, and shows that keeping your width to 1000px keeps it safe for most if not all PC's. Tablets on the other hand I'm not so sure.

    I'd recommend you choose a size (i.e 1000x600), and then use Kyatric's tut and let it be scalable to a smaller size from there (while maintaining aspect ratio), so as to include Tablets.

  • Kyatric Thanks for the link, helped, but I'm still in doubt.

    Look, is this is how you said JediN1nja, I do not know my game resized. Can I do so, let alone resize the player if the resolution is lower, like, put a condition?

    I think better that way, since the computer game is the way I want, and tablets as well, but in some phones it fits.

    But there is doubt, JediN1nja suggested that resolution: 1000x600px. Anyone agree or disagree?

    Does anyone have a game site example, would be very helpful.

  • Okay let me tone this down a little bit. You want to use this for a gaming site right?

    1) Will these games ever be made to run fullscreen or will they just be a certain size?

    2) Are you just viewing the site through the tablet browser or will they be web apps?

    If you really want a one size fits all, 800x480 is a very safe choice while still being big enough to visibly play the game on a PC. It also works for tablets, but then you have no fullscreen view of the games.

    I would still recommend going for a resolution that works perfect for at least a 1024x768 resolution screen, in this case 1000x600 fits. Then for smaller screens you simply activate "Fullscreen in browser - On (Scale mode)" in the project properties view.

    Your games will then fit anything smaller and go up till 1000x600 on a PC.

    Hope this helps.

    1000x600 is just what I like, but if you want to go for 800x500 then by all means do it!! It's still a very comfortable size to play games with.

    Have a look at it's a great example.

  • I'll do it, I'll leave the 800x500 resolution, and more in front decide what to do about the tablets, and others. I do not want my game down, or resize.

    Thank JediN1nja, if you have any suggestion could put there.

  • I guees if I�m using pixelart I don�t want the screen to autoscale, is it probable that my game set to a window size of 768 x 792 will stay framed as is on a tablet? (I dont own any such device)

  • I guees if I?m using pixelart I don?t want the screen to autoscale, is it probable that my game set to a window size of 768 x 792 will stay framed as is on a tablet? (I dont own any such device)I think the default is to resize to fill. Depends on your settings. There's a tut about screen sizes.

  • There are so many different resolutions out there that it's ridiculous to try and target just one of them. It's a much better idea to target a specific aspect ratio and support multiple screen sizes simply by turning on 'Letterbox scale' or something like that.

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  • I have to say that designing for screen sizes and resolutions that you can't/aren't going to actually test for is a mistake. You need to test it on the devices you are targeting. Would you trust a car manufacturer that has never driven their car on the road?

    There is no one size fits all. The past has always been about designing for the lowest common denominator, if you don't want to do that, then pick a size that you feel works for your game. Test how it scales both up and down and make your decisions based off of testing, not opinions from the rest of us who don't have your game and can't test it on multiple devices.

    If you want to seriously do well as a game designer you need to test these scenarios thoroughly and adjust your design as needed. You can't just rely on other saying well this size may work for your game which we have no idea how it scales on different devices.

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