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  • i use AI and PS

    i create a number and text with 6 size with AI file. save as a PNG and when i drop it to sprite or 9patch o have a lot noise on image..

    also when i run the game the image have the same noise with C2 engine ...

    what format need to save the image from AI

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  • Ai is vector based, so my guess is that 6 size, whatever that is, is too small to be rasterized.

  • Most pictures that you simply see on a pc are made of pixels, little rectangles that ar totally different colours. If you look very close at your image you'll see them.

    The Fab Lab machines do not know a way to cut pixels.

    We have to convert our image into lines and shapes that the machines will perceive. we have a tendency to decision this sort of file a vector file.

    Another good thing about turning our file into vectors is that you simply will size the image as massive as you would like and it will not get bleary or loose resolution.

  • Use PNG with high DPI in AI (I adapt my vector (Microsoft Expression Design) size with the same size that I will use in C2, and after I export in PNG with this size so I don't loose quality), or use SVG with a plugin available for Construct 2.

    But remember that more your vector is complex more he use CPU at realtime.

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