Best approach to working with/hiring someone for your project?

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  • Hey everyone. I'm working on a game that I've decided to try and make my first commercial game. Normally I do everything myself but if I want to sell it, I can't do it with programmer art. I'm not sure how to go about this, so I'm looking for experiences from other people.

    At the moment I see 2 options:

    1. 1) Finish the game, then hire artist
    2. 2) Get someone on board and include them in the progress while the game organically evolves

    Option 1 isn't that flexible. I'm still learning how to plan out a game entirely so I will constantly be adding/removing things depending on ideas and feedback.

    Option 2 makes sense but I'm not sure how I would get someone to keep doing stuff if there's a break in development here or there.

    So yeah, anyone else have experience with this?

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  • It really depends on the game and at the stage where you are at now.

    For example if you are in early or late stage of a matching 3 game, then it's ok to wait to hire someone at the end of the process, as long as you know a little bit about art and how to implement it. So for the programming part you should know that a 32x32 sprite is more efficient than a 34x34 one and therefore you will need to set your game for optmisation and pass the same info to the artist at the end.

    If you are planning to develop an RPG, well you might want to contact one artist during development because while you can add lots of arts and animation at high definition pixel art, the artist can't produce so much quantity of art in short time and for cheap. The artist might even not accept the work because too big and long. In this case you might want to have someone to get on board so you can compromise the game with the art considering programming limitation and art time and cost.

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