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  • is anyone making a beat em up game? a game like streets of rage, final fight, captain commando, golden axe.

    I was looking in the forum and it is difficult to see people talking about this kind of game.

    I also wanna know if there is beat em up games made with construct 2 using the 8 direction behavior, not platformer.

    The reason of my search is that I am making a simple beat em up game using 8 direction behavior.

    for now I have a small game with 2 kind of enemies and one boss. It took me some time to make the enemies AI.

  • It is in my list of games to do but it will not happen in the short time. I am eager to see more interest on it as well

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  • On the Scirra Store, there is a beat em up side scroller and a beat em up platformer. You just swap your sprites with the ones already there. They are both around $16-$18 each. You can preview the demo before. If you know a little more on how to work Construct, you can add things or modify either one. I bought the platformer as a way to test things as I'm new to programming. I'm working on two games, one being a Nes Double Dragon type game. You can read my updates and see images about it here: ... n-the-blog

    There are some new images I added last night. Its the art that I can get by on, but the programming skills I lack. I'm trying though to work through tutorials when I have time.

    Back to the templates you can buy, for the heck of it, I took Nes's Double Dragon sprites and started inserting them into the platformer template I bought and got Billy Lee to jump. Kind of neat.

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