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  • Hello i have been working in beat em up setted on 80s Mars . I wrote a concept document and i did some provisional artwork of three main characters. I post here the concept page.Im looking for collaborators. I will do the design and the art. Im looking for a programmer,a 2d animator and a writer as consultant.

    Concept overview

    GAME TITLE: Bizzarre fighters/Defenders of Mars/Crazy team

    GAME PLATFORM: Console (xbox one,ps4)Pc


    ESRB RATING: E (Everyone) – May contain more fantasy, cartoon or mild violence, and mild language and suggestive theme.

    PEGI 7: Games that contain scenes or sounds that could scare are in this category. In a game classified as PEGI 7, very mild forms of violence (implicit, not detailed or unrealistic) are acceptable.

    FUNDING:Kickstart,Indiegogo and similar.


    Frank is a farmer who has a farm on Mars.In this Inverse universe, on the basis of a recent technology capable of making space travel at the speed of superlight, the planet was colonized in 1985. In the morning, during his work, he discovers a pair of oddly shaped gloves into an ancient alien ruins on the ground. Nearby a rooster is watching the scene over a wood pillar. In an instant he is struck by the sky from an energy ray and turns into a boxer Rooster. The same thing also happens in new wazzoland the capital of mars, where a skinny and bored bartender and wrestling lover is hit by an other unknown energy source when he is closing the bar gate. He become a gigantic bartender wrestler named Boreman and with powers based on cocktails. Even a female police officer on her patrol car is hit by the power source and becomes a police siren with an unique skills.

    GAME OUTLINE: The game is a 2d Rpg sidescroller beat em up. The single player, or two player in local coop may take control of one of the three fighters. "Boreman" the wrestler , "Rosty" the cockerel, or the agent ,Cyren”. Each level has a boss to defeat. With the points earned by defeating enemies you can unlock alternative costumes, special moves and Bosses to play the hard mode with alternative routes. There could be also minigames in the capital of mars if a player/s dont wanna do a main quest.For example an hairdresser and a mexican bar, where you can play a card game or dance one. Other bizzarre fighters could be unlocked with points or trought DLCs ( a samurai mummy or other character). The goal of the superheroes is to defeat Eviltoyl who wants to find the source that caused the transformation of the superheroes. His goal is to create a new order with him absolute ruler. Months passed and Rosty has become a professionale boxer.The superheroes meet without wanting it after the boxing match won by Rosty and they defeat a gang of snatchers together. They are called after being Hypnotized in the presence of the council of the wize men of the capital that gives them the task of stopping Eviltoyl's plans.

    USP: (Unique Selling Points)

    °Control your bizzare fighter in amazing scenarios!

    ° Customize your fighter with unique costumes,and unlock boss!

    ° Play in local coop with your friend!

    °Unlock other bizzarre fighters!

    °Acquire bosses unique object and powers!

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