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  • What are some bad ideas you've had? To start, here are some of mine:

    1. Tetris HUD (e.g., on the side in its own window) in a platformer:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    2. Motion control racer where you accelerate by wildly swinging your arms in a circle:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    3. A game about waiting in line for hours for movie tickets, but you can pay $5 to go to the front of the line:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    4. Playing as a polar bear in a blizzard game:

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • Sometimes bad game ideas are worth.

    here is mine:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    When a customer calls to Plumbing company, they assign one plumber and goes to House, he came there to fix and leave. You play using arrow keys to targeted position, then press space bar to fix and leave the house. That's all.

  • Actually, I remember playing something similar to game #3. I forget what it's called but I remember it being about standing in line waiting to get into an art gallery. They didn't have the microtransaction feature however ;)

  • These are bad game ideas? More like undeveloped game ideas! You just need to some twist added to make it interesting or amusing.


    1. If it was operated by ai and pieces fell as you collected stuff it could serve as a kind of rube-Goldberg style level up system/eye candy. Although I don't know what should be done if the ai looses...

    2. This idea is amusing enough to be played at least once. However the technical problem of setting up the control system to play it would make it not be played. Just change the control method to moving the mouse in a circle or something and you might just get a game as enjoyable as qwop.

    3. Most smart phone games do something like this anyway where you can dish out real money to bypass much of the grinding for points or coins. The bad idea here is you actually pay to end the game.

    Let's tweak the story a bit. You are in line with a massive crowd to get a limited number of tickets to a movie that everyone wants to see but it's only being showed once. You can feel the tension in the crowd as you push and shove to the front of the line along with everyone else. Tempers are short so fighting is inevitable, but the police is there to supervise the event and if anyone creates too much disturbance they will then have the law to deal with. You have to get to the front of the line, buy the ticket and get out of there without having your ticket stolen. The twist is you don't have any money to buy it so you'll have to steal from the crowd. All this while everyone else in the crowd is doing the same to varying degrees.

    Paying the $5 will bribe the cops to help you but the crowd's civility will plummet when they see the injustice! And how long can the cops fend off an angry mob?

    4. Could be an interesting opportunity to explore the other senses. The gui would present visualizations of all the senses which would provide the player with glimpses through the storm. You would need some kind of goal or motivation. A few ideas: Find shelter before you freeze, avoid falling to your death off some glacier cliffs, avoid the half-starved furry raptors, or find your lost cub.


    At face value that's not very interesting, but slap it into a gta style city who's designer took inspiration from MC Escher and you start having something. May I add that it's under constant construction so upgrades such as maps and gps' have temporary value. Can you get to the house before the competition or even coworkers seeking the commission? Can you manage keep your job, find the house and win brawls on the lawn so you can fix that sink first? All while staying under the radar of the law which just so happens to handle violators with lots of bullets.

  • Pay to have the plumbers crack covered up.....

  • There is no such thing as a bad game 'idea'. It's merely a matter of good execution or bad execution.

    Let's use movies as an example. James Cameron's Avatar is the most successful (financially) movie in the history of filmmaking, even surpassing Titanic, which held the #1 record for most money ever earned by a movie for over a decade.

    And yet, Avatar is simply the 'classic' story of an unlikely guy given a special circumstance who becomes a hero. The plot of Avatar is insanely predictable, but lots of people were still returning to theaters to watch the movie a second and third time (just like Titanic!), and then buying the movie on DVD/Blu-Ray even after seeing the movie three times already.

    The story is nothing new. The setting (the planet was absolutely beautiful), the characters (blue alien hominoids), and the music (they actually created a language called Na'Vi that makes up the lyrics of the songs) are all very good.

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  • Hey! One of my very first Game ideas was a platform game. Well when i got round to making it. Well lets just say i think my little brother could make a better job of it. it ended up that the character was getting stuck onto virtually everything, which was a bug in the game itself and i could not find a way to fix it. The aim of the game was to collect these little crystals and at the end of each level you could buy power ups, well that sounds kinda good, but when you put it to use, its actually like playing something for the Nintendo-64, very pix elated, slow running, and well bugs here there and everywhere!

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