Has anyone tried making an "idle-click" game?

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  • The "idle" games became very popular both on game portals and mobile devices (Adventure Capitalist, Click Heroes or something like that) and I thought about making one using Construct2. Do you guys think it's possible? I mean how do you think it's the best way to do it? I suppose it will be a simple gameplay (you just have to click on things to make cash or experience points) but a very complicated instance variables algorithm. So what do you say ?

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  • you can find a templatehere needs a bit work, but the main engine is the same as adventure capitalist, hope it helped you, dident had time to update it, since requires graphics, and those are kinda time consuming on my side! but if you get it in this stage youl get access to future updates also!

  • Wow e exact ce-mi trebuie

  • suntem foarte multi, romani, numai ca majoritatea sunt ascunsi sub nickuri englezesti, acum lucrez la templateu de mai sus, s-a il fac foarte simplu de folosit , momentan versiunea din shop, e putin cam complicata si nijte events se cam repeta, si acum o fac mai compacta, si doar sa poata schimba lumea valorile si imaginile /sunete si cam atat

  • Iti multumesc o sa-ti raman dator si poate mai colaboram pe viitor in orice caz o idee buna versiunea in Ro, prea se dau englezii mari facatori de jocuri.. Bafta multa la proiectele tale !

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