Any advice on how to lower the rage on the player?

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  • hey, i was thinking about people who get really angry when losing at game, and i tought what can developers do to not make the player rage?

    i mean i know that if the player lose then some rage or frustation will eventually be there, but what can a developer do to lower that frustation?

    how can a developer keep the challenge in a game without frustate the player?

    Any advice? (if you have any documentary or someting i can read about this topic feel free to share!)

  • You have to make sure that when the player fails, they fail because of their own mistake or (lack of) skills.

    Meaning, the controls have to be perfectly responding, so that the player will not be frustrated because of confusing or badly responding controls for example.

    Likewise for any other mechanic in the game. It has to make sense, be clear and not be lacking in any way.

    Players should feel they lost due to a failure of theirs rather than to "unfairness" of the game/design.

    At last, if player "rages", unplug the screen and device they are using and send them outside get some fresh air instead of putting themselves through an experience that causes them such emotion :/

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  • This Twitter thread from the developer of Celeste shows some of the things they implemented to help the player/make the controls feel better:

    A talk on difficulty balancing from a developer of The Witcher:

  • how can a developer keep the challenge in a game without frustrate the player?

    Another reason why devs need to have a thorough alpha/beta testing phase to evaluate their product before its final release. I've seen a lot of indie devs skip this altogether because they had a couple friends say it's "great".

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