Ads in game, where to put them. Ideas and thoughts

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  • Hi,

    I've been thinking of implementing Admob into an android game I'm making.

    I guess that 99,9% of all games do not make any money at all.... mine will sure not either.

    This is just thoughts from me. Any one with ideas, please share

    When reading about the banners, some place on the net says that only impressions longer than 30seconds count. So if you have a game with some Layouts (Main screen, Hing score, Settings, Credits and game) will in most case not give any impressions at all if we show a banner on every of those layouts, since a user would not ever stay longer than maybe maximum 10seconds on the single layout..?

    This is from Google Admob manual:

    [quote:21pcwhyp] if users navigate to and from pages with ads in an application over a short period of time, a new ad request should not be made sooner than the recommended 60 second rate.

    With this quote it feels like games that are built with many layouts cannot really use banners. (But I know I have played games with short easy levels with banners on all of them, but they would most certainly not have counted as impressions then?)

    So then I guess full screen interstitials is the way to go? Where would you put hem. Between main screen and game level. Or after you die and should go back to main screen/highscore?

    What are your thoughts about this? Really interested in hearing others game designs/ads...

  • Im not even close to publish anything. But once i though that aside from boxes, chests and barrels, I'd put son tv's too. These TVs gives you an item if you see the ad. Ha. Well Im not sure it's even possible, dont know a thing about how adMobs works...

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  • In the highscores pages, and loading pages.

  • Know that smartAds uses intelligent & independent mediation to ensure that the right Ad is shown to the right user at the right time.

  • Try an opt in advert view that stays for 30 seconds and gives a bonus that just keeps increasing with time and plays - ie, becomes increasingly attractive to use.

  • Indeed, as some friends already said, i think the most intelligent way, nowadays, to get impressions on ads is to reward the user/player who sees them.

    The longer the ad, better the reward.

  • Since my game takes up the full screen and i don't have levels, banners are out of the question. Not only that, players HATE them. They distract the attention of the player. And you do not want to piss off a player so they just quit playing and uninstall your game.

    I use interstitials. Each time the player dies 1 is added to the Global Variable Show Ads. As soon as the player dies and that GV is equal to a value i set > Show Interstitial.

    I also have a reward interstitial. Once it's shown, the player is rewarded with a very small quantity of power-ups. When they see that reward ad, the GV (RewardAd) is set to 0 and the group "Reward Ad" is deactivated.

    Each time the player dies, 1 gets added to the GV RewardAd. When that GV is equal to a value i set, the group "Reward Ad" is activated and they again can watch and earn.

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