How do you add High Score Keeping?

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  • I am making a flappy bird clone and I need help making it so it can keep high score. I have tried the tutorial that on this website but no luck.

    I have tried To use web storage KEY "HighScore"

    and then set value

    "HighScore" and Global variable High score

    and then Set text

    "HighScore: " & Global Variable High Score

    And then Else

    Set Value Of HighScore variable to 0

    and then Set text

    "HighScore: " & Global Variable High Score

    And then At the game end Add sub event

    Compare variable

    If the score is greater then the HighScore then

    Set local value to KEY "HighScore" and Score

    This Does not work

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  • You'd get more helpful responses if you explain

    A) what you are trying to do in great detail (what events, behaviors, etc.), and

    B) what is not working, and

    C) using the search function to see if there are similar topics to the one you posted, because chances are (and believe me) it has

    Nobody wants to spoonfeed. Solutions are there for people that put in the little extra effort.

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