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  • So recently I'm working on a simple RPG project. And from it I suddenly think of a idea; however, I'm not sure it can be a good idea for a new series so I would like to share here with you guys:

    The idea is, each person has his/her own talent and ability. These ability can be natural born, or acquired from excessive training. And so I was thinking of a main character who has the ability to form a contract with another person. This contract is formed between his own mind and will, and the target's true person/desire hiding inside without the target's realization. This contract allow him to take an ability from the target of his choice, in return, he will give the target an ability which he has. If the contract is forged, the abilities will be swapped and it will remain so until the conditions are fulfilled.

    Take an example in real life, for example you are talented in art, drawing. You're going to have a soccer competition tomorrow, you want to win it but you haven't practiced it yet. So, you choose a person who skilled in soccer and deep down, he didn't enjoy soccer but instead he wished to be able to draw art. And so you forge a contract with his inner desire, this contract will last until you win the soccer match tomorrow. And so for 1 day, you are incredibly good at soccer but you can't no longer draw, while your target can draw but he can't play soccer skillfully as he used to. When you win the soccer match, the contract is fulfilled and everything's back to normal.

    It's kinda a bit complicated but that's what I suddenly thought. Can it be a good idea for a psychological/mystery indie game?

  • Where is the fun, and the challenge? I could see a game where you are a superhero that adopts other superpowers to perform tasks like oh freeze a building, power a machine with electricity. Your idea of exchanging skills seems a little too simple, I am good at golf but then want to be good at football so I change with this guy and do what? Do I actually play the football? Is that part of the game? Is the game solely about asking to exchange, an exchange occurs and then that's it? i guess if the game is about seeking out the person in the first place then that's kind of like pokemon but without any battling.

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  • Personnaly, I think it's a good idea and you can make good puzzle with this ability. I think of two kins of puzzles :

    You can control several characters in the game. To solve some puzzles, you have to attribute the good ability to each of the character thanks to different permutations. I think in particular at games like portal in coop, but in this case you'd have different roles for each characters.

    Imagine you must be close to eachother to be able to swap abilities. You want to go to the end of the level. Firstable, you go with one character to the first step with the ability "make a portal" and once you're there, you need to build a ladder. With the ability portal you're able to help someone else to come to you and he could use his ability to make the scale. It's a stupid example but I'm sure there's a lot of good ideas possible.

    One another kind of puzzle game would be one like Grim Fandango or Monkey Islands. In these games you have to possess a specific object to be able to trigger a new event. Here you could trigger a new action when you possess the good ability.

    I think it's a very good idea

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