xbox one deploy errors (debug error)

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  • Hey guys...

    I keep getting this error when trying to deploy my c2 game to my xbox one

    (ive tried both vs2015 & vs2017 with same results).

    DEP6953: Failed to launch remote debugger with the following error: 'Command failed: 0x800705b4'.

    game runs fine when i test it on the local machine setting but when i try to deploy to luck!

    i have tried debug as 'release' hoping to bypass the debugger but that didnt help.

    i have tried ctrl+f5 to start without debug, and that didnt help either.

    any input or help would be appreciated!


  • ... n-uwp-apps

    Mubot If you followed the above tutorial and it's still not working, I suggest posting in the below Microsoft forum, there's a high chance that a Microsoft employee will answer to help. ... boxlivedev

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  • I actually had already followed that tutorial, but since you re-directed me there... i figured i would give it another go (at a reasonable time of night) and see what happens....

    well ... turns out starting from scratch and doing it all over again.....STEP - BY - STEP ... nice and slow was definitely the key to success!!!

    thanks for the reply, much appreciated

  • Mubot Great, any idea which step you might have missed the previous attempt? Might help the next person.

  • StudioMercato the main thing i missed was having my console set correctly,

    in the article there was a link to setting up the sandbox, but i skipped over it cuz i ASSUMED it was just going to tell me to download the app, install it, and show me how to switch to dev mode. (like every other article had done).

    so moral of the story is.... DONT ASSUME, WHEN YA DONT KNOW! lol

    thanks again for the help in refocusing!

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