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  • So as a student i got a free Windows app store licence that i didn't' renew when it expired. Today I got a email from Microsoft and it appears that my account is reenabled because they changed their subscription to a one-off. (email below)

    Has anyone published their C2 games to the Windows app store, and Is there an audience on the Windows App Store?

    Lifetime Dev Center subscriptions 
    Starting September 16, 2014, all Windows and Windows Phone developer accounts in Dev Center will transition to a one-time only Dev Center registration fee. 
    With this change, you will no longer have to pay an annual renewal fee to maintain your Dev Center account. 
    If you recently received an account renewal notification via email or in your Dev Center dashboard, you can ignore it as it was generated prior to instituting the change. 
    All current Dev Center accounts will continue, without interruption. For more detail, please refer to today’s announcement for further detail. 
    Thank you, 
    The Windows Store team[/code:ff3y85rc]
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  • Nice, I just paid them one month ago.

  • Nice, I just paid them one month ago.

    Thats okay... you dont have to renew your account on an annual basis anymore! So its great news for Windows Developers

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