whts the best ad system to use?

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  • Hi Guys,

    If I was to put my game in various places such as Facebook etc, what is the best ad platform I can use? many years ago I used to use mochi ads for my flash games, whats the best one for CS2 / HTML5?

    Thanks in advance,


  • Hi No offense, but personally I find ads quite annoying when they interrupt game play so end up harming the game experience. I would rather pay for access to higher levels. Someone was talking yesterday about maybe putting a forum discussion together focused on sharing best practice regarding income generation.

  • hundredfold thanks, that thread sounds like a good idea, I don't mind ads personally as long as they are only on the part were my game is loading, I only become annoyed if I'm spammed with them during game play.

    Personally I would rather put up with watching an ad at the start rather than having to pay for part of the game (I don't mind doing both if the game is great mind)

  • Yes - the ones that get me are those that fill the screen right in the middle of your game - I just dump the app at that point.

  • Personally, I find it hard to understand why free games with ads annoy people, at least on mobile platforms when there often is an ad-less version available, whether it's "Remove Ads" in-game or separate game in the store. If anything you're giving your players more options.

    I understand that pop-up/video ads are extremely annoying though, having them interrupting gameplay is even worse.

    On topic, I'm also interested to hear about different ad services. I think I'll be going for mobile and I read that either Intel XDK or Crosswalk only supported AdMob as it is, correct me if I'm wrong.

  • I use leadbolt ads in crosswalk

  • I use leadbolt ads in crosswalk

    Ah, maybe what I read was outdated then.

  • I also just started to use Leadbolt and I wonder how are your experience with it?? I am just new so don't have an idea if it is good or bad. There are really mixed reviews about all ad networks so seems it is best to try one and see. My luck didn't go well with revmob plugin integration so I moved to Leadbolt (Thanks to cranberrygame for his wonderful plugin).

  • How do you ad the Leadbolt ads in Intel XDK? Thanks.

  • fridayjams Hi Sure,

    It is pretty straight forward I was having hard time also with ad integration. I basically purchased Cranberrygame's phonegap plugin (6$) which works well also with Intel XDK.

    Check out this thread for all the plugins he has the leadbolt purchase link in there as well.


    When you pay with paypal he will send you en email with the plugin, helpfiles and example capx files as well so you can see who the plugin can be used. The plugins works.

    For Android you need to export as Android Crosswalk and when you open the Intel XDK instead of creating a blank project (after you say new project) you should select import Existing HTML files and create the project in that matter. In that way XDK sees the plugins directly.

    For ios you just need to export as phonegap and do the same procedures above. There will be a step by step plugin showing you what to do. I made the leadbolt work like this you can check out my game online to see who the plugins work.


    Good Luck with it.

  • volcank Thanks a lot, very helpful.

  • fridayjams no problem. Happy that I can be helpful If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask

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  • fridayjams By the way I just found out that banner ads during gameplay are performance killers especially for Android Tablets so try to use fullscreen ads or appwalls in leadbolt

  • DARTH Crusher Hi! What are your experiences with Leadbolt?? Are the revenues good enough? I switched to Revmob and Chartboost combined but don'T seem to be working really well with Android where as with IOS I have only Revmob right now with one of my games approved, Revmob seems to be working good.

  • Ok

    1st) If its a free game no developer should have shame with putting ADs in their games. We work hard and deserve a little revenue for our work in making free entertianment for people. If your a developer never let anyone shame you into thinking you shouldn't put ADs.

    2nd) I used to use leadbolt they start off great and then slow down after 4-6 months. I guess that's how they hook you. Implementing was easy but thats because I coded in straight HTML + javascript. My games were too simple and that's why I am here to use a more robust toolset.

    3rd) There are other AD networks like Notifymob and Airpush that pay more. With Notifymob they will put the ADs in the game for you. With Airpush they will make a plugin for you but you need some coding experience.

    Finally do not listen to people who complain about ADs. There was a recent war on that very subject online it was on facebook and another android forum. Developers stuck together and finally quieted anyone who complained about ADs. I wish all you success and I will post more marketing tips and ways to promote your android apps. I have a large android forum where you can post your game or apps for more exposure too.

    http:// androidfreegamesapps.forumotion.com/

    I can't post links so just combine the http with the other part. Any questions you have feel free to ask.

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