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  • How do i set up ads for a game in the web? whats the work flow? All the tutorials are about mobile games with admob.

  • I use pre-roll ads from 'Ad4game' by putting their code into the index.html file (before the ending 'body' tag). I guess that much of prerolls of other networks work that way. So, in this case - no need to to anything specific within the C2 project, you just put the code in the index after you compile the game.

    However, in some cases I use iframe plugin (HTML_iFrame_Pode) to show some static ads during the game. In that case, you place a plugin instance on the desired layout and set the url of the ad that you want to iframe. Then, I add some custom 'close' button to allow players to close the ad.

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  • Dont work for me(ad4game preroll). Can you give me some link from your game to see how that look.

  • I would recommend http://www.appnext.com. They have very easy api and eCPM is $0.25 for android and $9.27 for iOS visitors on our games. The ads appear only in mobile browsers.

  • Thanks for the info, but we are looking for web browser ads.

  • This one seems to work ok with the iframe plugs, and they don't seem to care where it's hosted.

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  • I am using ArcadeCPM and that is OK. But great idea is to put baners with iframe and Ad4game pre-roll and you have 2 ads. Like Admob. I try vladetam way but not work for me.

  • In my research, I found that the three major alternatives would be:

    • Google Adsense For Games
    • AppNext
    • Ad4Game

    I suggest researching more about implementations. Good luck!


    Em minhas pesquisas, verifiquei que as tres maiores alternativas seriam:

    • Google Adsense For Games
    • AppNext
    • Ad4Game

    Sugiro pesquisar mais a respeito sobre implementações. Boa sorte!

  • Hate to re-hash this old thread... I found the ad4game integration to be extremely simple, but I've read a bunch of bad reviews about them offering high payouts and then closing your account. Anybody have any experience with them?

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