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  • I want to know the range of possibilities that I have to earn money with my game:

    Mobile devices

    • AppleStore
    • Play Store
    • Amazon


    • Kongregate: Someone has used Kongregate? how does it work?

    That way you can get more money to your application?

  • The mobile platform for earning is quite hard, but I'm not here to be a pessimist. I suggest sticking to making your game good, beautiful, and memorable. Along with that, there should be IAP. Ads are an overall nuisance, and as someone that hated ads when they played mobile apps like crazy years ago, I just don't think ads are a overall good experience for the player, even if there is an option to remove them.

    As for IAP, be sensible and be smart.

  • But my game has no lives, items ... It's a puzzle game with many levels, charging for a pack of levels?

    In Kongreate pay you money for each person playing your game, you need to be very good to win real money ...

    It is clear that without advertising, promotion or any game will come to nothing.

    I would like to upload it to steam, but "construct" can?

    Many months developing a game to win nothing, removes any illusion

  • Publishing HTML5 games can make money too; there is too many ways to publish games and earn money from it.

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  • Tell me that you know

    You earn money with your game? a lot?

  • Sure, when i publish games from SpilGames & SoftGames & Famobi they pay good if the game is good enough

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