Understanding mentality of people who don't pay for games

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  • This question comes up a lot and I will post the opinion of this gamer called Eurodude. Afterwards I will explain what the misconceptions are


    "Let me speak from a users most of us can't afford your expensive " apps" . A dollar here and a dollar there add's up to $15-20 bucks a month. Over a years time thats like $120 now times that by ten years of having a cellphone that's $1,200 . Now I don't have deep pockets like you developers , I don't have $1,200 play money to spend on whatever the hell I want. I have bill's to pay and family to take care of. So when you moan and whine about profits from your pen--house loft maybe you should think hey I should make that paid game free. I mean what give you the fucking right to judge people like everyone has fucking $1,200 dollars laying around to buy your stupid apps. I swear you rich people don't give a shit about the average joe , I never seen a broke developer in my life. Why don't one of you pull out $1,200 and hand it over to me so I can experience what its like to walk around with a pocket full of fat cash."

    The misconception of people like him is he is only judging what he see's in the top of the appstores. He doesn't understand most developers don't make money like Marvel , flappybird,disney,and candy crush guys. But since those are the featured games and apps with millions of downloads that the assumption gamers like him have that we all have deep pockets. The full thread could be read here

    http:// androidfreegamesapps.forumotion.com/t440-how-do-we-stop-android-piracy-any-ideas

    Once developer does come in and destroyed him in EPIC fashion to the point he couldn't respond but I think understanding where this attitude came from is more important.

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  • This dude is just a troll!

  • Those whom make there game paid games are also trying to feed there families/pay there bills. Actually, flappybird does make money cause the developer is running ads in the game same goes for his new game he released called Swing Copters. Trust me if candycrush wasn't making any money they wouldn't be able to have TV commercial running. You say you're not to judge people you're judging every game developer right now that make there game paid not every game developer is making $1,200 I think the real issue is you're mad cause you can't get the game here a secret. This how I get my paid games Google has an app called Opinion rewards you take surveys in-return for Google Play Credits which can be used to purchase anything from the play store.

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