What type of Game Sponsors are out there?

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About 900+ game portals: 400 e-mails, 514 contact/submit forms (last update: 2022, October, +275 contacts)
  • I liked this article, seems useful who wants to have success in Indie gaming.


    Some paragraphs from the article :

    Sponsor Rules

    Yes, they have rules! They all vary but the following are very common requests from games portals:

    No outbound links! This is common in the Flash market as well, but essentially there should be no links in your game that takes players away from the portals site.

    No analytics. Very often a portal doesn’t want you to know how much traffic they get, so request that analytics of all kind are removed.

    No remote files. The game should be a self-contained package. I.e. a single js file, html and a bunch of media. It should not pull in assets remotely.

    Fire and forget. Very often you just bundle up a zip file containing the game, send it to the sponsor and that’s it. No further updates are allowed.

    Sponsor Income

    Given everything said above how does it break down into actual earnings? Here’s a chart showing what a typical HTML5 mobile browser game can expect to earn. The game has to be of a good quality and/or a popular genre.

    These figures are different to the ones given in my presentation because I came back and spoke to a number of other developers to get their results. I then aggregated them to get more of an industry average.

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  • Thanks for this article. We are self publishing, so our biggest issue is finding a reasonable payment processing company.

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