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  • Hey all. Its been 3 days since ive published my game on google play and i saw today that its ranked #92 at "Top new games".

    My downloads are very low so far as expected but the ranking looks pretty good to me.

    Am i right? Is this something very good or is it just normal?

  • What on earth?!? I check 1 min ago and my game is nowhere to be seen in "top new games"!!!

    What am i missing?!?

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  • Nevermind, my bad.

    The game is still there but it was the Top new PUZZLE games section..

  • You talk about your game and yet you don't post a link or even mention the name?

  • Sorry ... .tapacandy

    I just didnt want people to think i try to promote my game with tricks.. went up to #33 but after that it went down and kept going down.. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_sad.gif" alt=":(" title="Sad">

    Anyone knows for how long a game is considered "new" to be able to get listed in the top new games?

  • Hi dimitriosfl I'm not an expert in that issue, and I'm pretty noob in all this, but I'm think your game from the moment of publishing automatically get some local new top list. After this moment all depends your downloads. Anyway after a month in the same way you get out from top new (I think it's depend on number of you update also (updates prolong your "new" period but I'm not shure)). The target is to reach a decent number of downloads to get "Not NEW" but "Really" top in any category. You have to know that any Markets Top in any category is local to your country region only etc.

    You have a good and free (for basic function) analytical tools like AppBrain, AppEnnie etc. You can check all your games ranks for free.

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