Thinking of a different way to advertise- feedback?

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  • I have been publishing media since before the internet so I know how to advertise and make money off my 3rd party ads.

    I have been down the road with google adsense and the pay per click is just not going to bring any significant revenue in my opinion. Most people never click the banners.

    I make much more from video views and Amazon ads than I ever made from click banners.

    I have a game nearly ready to publish that is a football derivative with quarters and a half time break.

    So what I am thinking is to have a clickable ads from my Amazon account at each quarter and a video from my channel at half time that the user will click and will open in another web page while they progress through the game.

    The amazon ads will be related to gaming and so will the video.

    Any thoughts and if you have tried other advertising in your games put it in the comments please?

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